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Welcome to the online lectures page for FSc Part 1 Mathematics online lectures. Mr. Afzaal Subhani is a renowned Math expert in Lahore with years of experience teaching mathematics to various education levels. This is online series for all chapters of Intermediate Part 1 FSc for all Punjab Boards. All chapters come with solution to all exercises and detailed explanation. There are also online chapter tests that will help you judge your preparation for Mathematics subject.

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The Decimal Number System speaks to numerical qualities are a grouping of images called digits. These digits are the recognizable. Since it has just ten digits, the Decimal Number System is likewise called the Base 10 Number System. We can express any numerical incentive with a number from the Decimal Number System.

We call any number from the Decimal Number System a decimal number or decimal. We likewise call decimals "numbers" because of how comfortable we are with the System. While you may consider just numbers that have a period in them as decimals, each number in the decimal framework is in fact a decimal including entire numbers. The period, called the decimal point, just distinguishes where we change from forces of ten to partial forces of ten.

With the goal for you to comprehend trigonometry, this book will give the fundamental establishment in arithmetic to help you proceed toward a total comprehension of the subject, as opposed to urge you to peruse another book, and switch forward and backward between the two. Be that as it may, it is useful to have a comprehension of variable based math and fundamental science to have the capacity to take in the theme of trigonometry with a "running begin". Since trigonometry portrays elements and their connection to each other, trigonometry is actually communicated through geometry as a result of elements which create proportions, constants and counterparts to each other. These substances are not hard to see, but rather require some idea while being connected to circumstances of trigonometry.

Along these lines, for the establishments of trigonometry, the essentials are that the understudy be prepared and willing to comprehend the connection of items to each-other and different shapes.