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Study FSc Part 1 Physics through online lectures. These lectures are conducted by Sir Qasim Jalal who is an experienced teacher for Physics since more than 5 years. The lectures are specially recorded and all the concepts have been explained in details.Moreover, all chapters come with topic lectures, examples explanation and solution of numerical questions. The best part is that for each chapter there are online MCQ tests which will help you measure your study progress.

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Qasim Jalal

Qasim Jalal

M Phil Physics (cont.)

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First year Physics Book 1 course comprises of 11 chapters for all Punjab Boards in Pakistan. These boards conduct exams based on subjective and objective type questions. The objective type questions make up 17 total marks whereas the subjective part is for 68 marks. At instutor, we have created online lecture videos which can help you prepare for both subjective and objective parts. Moreover, there is an online assessment after each chapter that will be extremely useful to preparate for the MCQs of Physics for Inter Part 1 FSc

11th class physics has many chapters for education of the students. They are promoted to the next level of chapters which are relating to physics and other measurements. Students will gain lot of knowledge from it.

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The idea of the interminable way of hallowed geometry is reverberated in present day quantum hypothesis. The focal idea in Quantum Field Theory is that of the lattice:

All matter is not separate from its encompassing space. The network can appear as quanta or particles. This quantum field is our principal physical element and reality. Roundabout movement can be depicted as the movement of a question around at a consistent speed. As a question moves around, it is continually altering its course. At all occurrences, the question is moving digression to the circle. Since the course of the speed vector is the same as the heading of the protest's movement, the speed vector is guided digression to the hover also. The liveliness at the privilege portrays this by methods for a vector bolt.