FSc Part 1 - Urdu

Whether you are from pre-medical, pre-engineering, ICS or general science you have to study this subject. Urdu is among compulsory for intermediate students from all boards of Punjab. Its final paper is divided into four parts and you can learn all of them on this page. Mr Javed Iqbal Iqbal will teach you this subject via video lectures. You will find his teaching style very innovative and wouldn’t feel difficulty in this subject after watching his video lectures.

Subject Details

All first year students are required to learn Urdu to pass out part one of intermediate. The course of the subject is developed to inform students about pros and cons of Urdu language. Students study two books: Sarmaya (سرمایہ اردو) Urdu, literature, and Urdu Grammar. In the first book the learn prose and poetry, while the second contains grammatical rules and tips to improve writing.


The literature book is divided into three categories. Among them one is Prose Part, حصہ نثر, and the other two are Ghazal Part, حصہ غزل, and Nazm Part, حصہ نظم. The teacher explained all parts during lectures and he also solved exercises for the assistance of his pupils.  

Paper Pattern:

The paper comprises of 100 marks as a whole; 20 for objective portion and 80 for subjective portion. Time allowed for this paper is 3 hours, out of which 20 minutes are reserved for MCQs.

The first part of subjective paper contains two stanzas, one from Nazm (poem) and the other from Ghazal. The question directs students to mention the name of the poet and the poem along with paraphrasing those stanzas.

The second part contains six questions. The 1st question from this part requires to explain one paragraph of their own choice. Students also have to state the name of the lesson and a writer. The next question is about summary of a lesson. The third of this part, and 5th as a whole, asks students to write a summary of a mentioned poem.

6th, 7th and 8th questions are based on Urdu grammar & composition. In sixth question, candidates have a choice between dialogue writing, مکالمہ نگاری, and report writing, روداد نویسی. The seventh question directs students to write an application on a given topic. In the last question aspirants are required to give a title to a passage beside summarizing it.