Computer Science

FSc Part 2 - Computer Science

12th class Computer Science is a compulsory subject for ICS group. Its course of has been designed to teach students the basics of computer software and programming language. On this page you will video lectures of your textbook lessons and solution of exercise. These lectures are delivered by an expert. The teacher taught the Computer to various classes for years. You can excel your knowledge by watching these videos. Our chapter-wise test will also help you to make progress in the subject.

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Subject Details

We can’t imagine a world without computer. It has changed our living style as a whole. Whether you are a student, teacher, businessman, engineer or a scientist, you now or then have to use computer for various reason. The technological advancement changed the mode of communication. People design cars, homes, offices, security systems and explosives with the help of computer software. From your transaction to ticketing everything has become simple just because of this invention. A distance of one click is the biggest virtue of computers.

Content of the Book:

Computer Science for 12 tells student how the computer works and the way it revolutionized our lives. It has 14 chapters.

Chapter 1: Data Basics

Chapter 2: Basic Concepts and Terminology of Databases

Chapter 3: Data Base Design Process

Chapter 4: Data Integrity and Normalization

Chapter 5: Introduction to Microsoft Access

Chapter 6: Table and Query

Chapter 7: Microsoft Access Forms and Reports

Chapter 8: Getting Started with C

Chapter 9: Elements of C

Chapter 10: Input and Output

Chapter 11: Decision Constructs

Chapter 12: Loop Constructs

Chapter 13: Function in C

Chapter 14: File Handling in C


Paper Pattern:

The paper of Computer for Class XII consists of two objective part and subjective part. It carries 75 marks and students have to attempt it within two and a half hour.


Objective-wise contains one question with multiple parts. Students have 20 minutes to choose the right answers of 15 parts. Whereas, each part is of 1 mark. These multiple choice questions cover MS Access, visual basic and C language.


Subjective paper contains three sections. In Section-I, students need to attempt three questions, Question number 2 to 4. Each question contains multiple parts. Students can either give answers to the questions related to C language or Visual Basic.

While attempting Section-II, students have to give answer in detail. This section contains two questions regarding MS Access. There is a choice between them. The section carries 8 marks.

Section-III contains 3 questions from C language and 3 from Visual Basic. Students need to attempt any two either from C or VB. Each question contains 8 marks.