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12th - Federal Board Grammar

Grammar is one of the biggest portions of syllabus of 2nd year federal board. In this page, complete section of 2nd year Federal Board Grammar is covered. 2nd year English is an exam of total 100 marks. Of total marks of 2nd year English Grammar covers about 47 – 50 marks. It is the most important part of syllabus that must be prepared to pass 2nd year English exam. On this page, you will find video lectures of complete Grammar included in Federal Board syllabus. In these video lectures, everything is taught keeping the Board exams pattern in view.

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Who Should Study this Course?

Every student of 2nd year under Federal Board in the province of Punjab needs to study this course. English is a compulsory subject for all programs. All student of FA, FSc, ICS or I.Com will have to study and pass an exam of English for 100 marks.

Grammar is an important part of second year English syllabus. It contains about half of English syllabus and marks. Every student who is studying 2nd year English in Federal Board has to study and learn this portion of Grammar to cover complete syllabus. Video lectures of complete Grammar in 2nd year Federal Board can be found on this page. You will find everything on this page you need to know about English Grammar of 2nd year Federal Board.



What is English Grammar of 2nd Year in Federal Board?

Grammar of 2nd year comprises concepts that are fundamental to learn English. Federal Board has added topics of Grammar in English syllabus that helps student develop English writing, reading, and understanding skills.  English Grammar is half of the syllabus of 2nd year English of Federal Board. This Grammar is also further divided into various portions. Following are the Grammar topics that are included in the Federal Board’s syllabus of 2nd year English.

1.    Tenses

2.    Report Writing

3.    Parts of Speech

4.    Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

5.    Essay Writing


Tenses are directly involved in syllabus or paper but they are basics in order to attempt all the questions. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs are used in daily life speeches and writing. Essay Writing is a skills that is really important in professional life. It give you the ability to describe something in your own words in a proper manner. Report writing is mostly used in professional life and offices. It is an important mean of passing information. Parts of Speech basically make a sentence structured using tenses.


Paper Pattern and Attempting Method from Grammar for Federal Board

Complete paper of second year English contains 100 marks. These total marks are divided into three sections of its syllabus. Grammar is one of these sections. Grammar covers 47 - 50 marks in exam. This section of Grammar covers from Question Number 4 – 7 in subjective type and some MCQs in paper. Questions in paper include following from Grammar:

1.    Report Writing

2.    Correction of a Paragraph

3.    Making Sentences of Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

4.    Reading Passage and Answering questions

5.    Writing an Essay

6.    MCQs from Parts of Speech


1 -   Report Writing:

In Question Number 4 of English Paper, students are given a Topics for Report writing. Student is required to write a report on it in a proper manner keeping all rules of report writing in view. This one question contains 8 marks.


How to Write a Report:

When writing a report, try to start from a new page. Write the question number and question with marker. In next line of after skipping one line, write the subject of the report. Don’t use extra details in Report, stay on point and use only formal language. There are used more than one headings in Report, write all headings with marker. Watch the video lecture on Report writing for complete guidance.


2 -   Correction of a Paragraph:

In part (a) of Question Number 5, there is a given a paragraph on Question paper. That paragraph has multiple mistakes in it related to Parts of Speech. Student is asked to remove all these mistakes. This question carries 6 marks.


How to Attempt Correction of Paragraph:

First of all write the question number and in next line write the question or something that briefly describes the question with marker. Read the paragraph careful and highlight or underline the mistakes in paragraph. Once you have identified all mistakes, start writing the paragraph with correct parts of speech. Write with marker or underline the corrections. Do not write original paragraph as question as it is just a waste of time.


3 -   Make Sentences of Idioms:

In part (b) of Question Number 5, there are given 7 idioms and phrasal verbs. Student is required to make sentence of 4 of them. Each idiom or phrasal verb contains 1 mark.

In short, there is a total of 4 marks from idioms Question Number 6 of paper.


How to Attempt Idioms?

First of all make sure that you display clean writing and use marker for headings. Always use the correct number of question that is numbered on Question Paper. Select 5 idioms or phrasal verbs that you can make sentences of. Write it with marker and in next line write its sentence with pen. Make sure that a sentence specifies a complete sense. Skill of self-writing will be required here otherwise memorizing sentences to all idioms and phrasal verbs can be quite difficult. Watch the video lecture on idioms and phrasal verbs on instutor.com for more guidance.


4 -   Reading Passage and Answering questions

In Question Number 6, there is a given a paragraph with three questions below it. Student is asked to read the paragraph and answer those questions. Two of questions contain 2, 2 marks and one question is for précis writing which carries 6 marks.


How to Attempt Reading Passage?

First read the paragraph carefully until you have its complete understanding. Then read the questions and find their answers. You can’t find answers from within the passage. You will have to do self-writing using the knowledge or understanding you gained for the given passage.

Write the heading of Question Number 4 and in next line write what question is about. Don’t write passage on paper sheet. Just write the question or question number with marker and in next line its answer with pen. Make sure you learn précis writing and give it extra time as it carries 6 marks.


5 -    Essay Writing:

In Question Number 7 of English Paper, students are given two Topics for Essay writing with outlines. Student is required to write an essay on one of them in a proper manner following are rules of writing. This one question contains 12 marks.


How to Write an Essay:

When writing an essay, try to start from a new page. Write the question number and question with marker. In next line of after skipping one line, write the title of the selected essay. Essay should cover about 250 – 300 words divided in multiple paragraphs. It is important that student must divide it into paragraph or presentation marks are definitely gone. Watch the video lecture on Essay writing for more guidance.


6 -   MCQs from Parts of Speech:

Around 6 of the MCQs will come from Parts of Speech. There will be given a sentence with an underlined word and student will be asked to identify it. Below you will have 4 options to choose form. Each MCQ contains 1 mark.


Why Study this Course?

Almost every language has a Grammar which makes it easier to teach and understand. It is the use of Grammar that actually develops the skill of understanding and writing a language in a student. The topics included in the syllabus of second Year English are the basic foundation of English language. In order to master this language, one must first have complete understanding of these concepts. If you learn this course, it not only helps you learn English language for practical life but you also get almost 50 percent marks in exam from this section.

There are video lectures of all Grammar topics included in your syllabus with complete exercise and tips to prepare and attempt in paper. Everything is explained in such professional way in these lectures that every student will easily understand the subject.