FSc Part 2 - Physics

12th Physics is a compulsory subject for students of Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering groups. However, students of ICS can either choose Physics, Economics or Statistics. This book gives students a brief information about electricity, magnetism and their interaction. On this page you can find the video lectures of all the chapters of the book. These lectures are delivered by Mr Qasim Jalal who will cover all topics with the help of illustrations. He also explains numerical and theoretical questions and provides answers to all of them

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Qasim Jalal

Qasim Jalal

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Ahmad Nazeer

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Subject Details

For intermediate students Physics has been divided into two portions. Students study 11 chapters during in 11th class, while in grade 12 they learn 10 chapters. Each chapter covers multiple topics. The topics of Physics-12 explore charges, electric fields, current, electromagnetism, induction, transistors, junctions, atomic and nuclear physics.

Content of Physics-12:

  • Electrostatics

This chapter deals with stationary charges. Students will learn Coulomb’s law, Gauss’s law force field, field lines, faux and capacitor in this chapter.

  • Current Electricity

You will study electric current, its source, impacts and problems here. You will also learn about Ohm’s law, resistance, electrical power, EMF and potentiometer.

  • Electromagnetism

This chapter deals with the magnetism and everything related to the interaction of magnetic and electric fields.

  • Alternating Current

You will explore alternating current, its circuits, its passage and various types of circuits.

  • Physics of Solids

This chapter talks about types of solids and their electrical and mechanical characteristics.

  • Electronics

This chapter deals with the behavior and the emission of electrons. In this chapter we study about semiconductors and logic gates in detail.

  • Dawn of Modern Physics

In this chapter, students will cover various topics such as theory of relativity, black body radiation, and matter and radiation interaction.

  • Atomic Spectra

You will cover Bohr’s model, X-Rays, laser and their relevant topics here.

  • Nuclear Physics

This chapter explores everything related to nuclei, such as isotopes, binding, half-life, fission and fusion reactions, radiation and uses of radiation.