ECAT Entry Test

ECAT stands for Engineering College Admission Test. It’s a pre-admission exam conducted every year by UET in Punjab. Every student who wants to take admission in any engineering university or college of Punjab must have to appear in ECAT. It is multiple choice question based test which consists of a hundred questions. The merit for the admission is calculated on the base of 30% marks of entry test and 70% marks of FSC. On ECAT page of, you can prepare yourself for the entry test exam.

ECAT is an entry text exam mandatory for all those who wish to seek admission in any recognized engineering college of Punjab. It is MCQs based test which checks the analytical and comprehensive ability of the prospective engineers.


ECAT syllabus is based on the course books of intermediate. Students just need to clear their concepts to achieve maximum marks in the test. The subjects include Physics, Chemistry/Computer, English and Mathematics. You don’t need to join any academy to prepare for the test. Video lectures of on ECAT will help you to make-up yourself for the examination. We have provided the facility of video lectures and test of all subjects to students.

ECAT Pattern:

ECAT paper contains 100 questions, while the each question carries four marks. No mark is granted or deducted for unattempted question, whereas one mark is subtracted for each wrong answer. Division of questions is as follows:

Physics: 30 MCQs

Chemistry/Computer/Statistics: 30 MCQs

Mathematics: 30 MCQs

English: 10 MCQs


Students of FSc Pre-Engineering, ICS, diploma holders, B-Tech and BSC students can apply for the entry test. A-Level, American 12th Grade and FSC Pre-Medical students with the additional Mathematics are also eligible to apply by providing an equivalence certificate. IBCC, Islamabad issues equivalence certificates to students.  


This test is valid only for one year/one session. To enroll in the other session, aspirants are required to take the test again.

Merit Calculation:

The merit for the admission in any engineering college is calculated on the basis of ECAT and Intermediate or equivalent exam. It is calculated as follows:

ECAT marks: 30%

FSc Pre-Engineering l ICS l Equivalent marks: 70%  


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Muhammad Hamza Hanif
Muhammad Hamza Hanif 31-07-2018 3:59

ch#20, lec 5, parametric eqn of circle u were asked parametric equation of unit/point circles i thought for point circle- X & Y are zero & for unit X=sin0, Y=cos0

Samiullah 28-06-2018 14:57

Sir u are bes.. thanku very much sir for helping us :-)

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Sudersion Kumar 03-08-2018 7:37

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Ehsan Ahmed
Ehsan Ahmed 17-08-2018 6:41

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Muhammad Ahmad Hassa
Muhammad Ahmad Hassa 15-10-2018 4:21

sir mcqs k cntradictory answers bhi dain

iqra ahmad
Iqra Ahmad 20-06-2018 11:16

how i start free course?

iqra ahmad
Iqra Ahmad 01-07-2018 21:48

Just click on JOIN on the top right corner and make an account and watch lectures.

iqra ahmad
Iqra Ahmad 20-06-2018 11:17

how i start free course?

Waseem Gh
Waseem Gh 04-07-2018 1:05


Mohsin Yousaf 13-07-2018 19:49

moc test

Mohsin Yousaf 13-07-2018 21:41

zaheer zubair
Zaheer Zubair 13-07-2018 21:41

here is moc text link

Mehboob Elahi
Mehboob Elahi 21-07-2018 19:23

when you will upload physics lectures (ECAT)

siraj ahmad
Siraj Ahmad 22-07-2018 13:52

sir chapter number 6 doesn,t open why

Usama RafiQue
Usama Rafique 01-08-2018 4:05

best teacher teachs with passaion and heart

aman yseen
Aman Yseen 04-08-2018 4:14

sir also tell some tricks as welll

M Sufyan 10-09-2018 2:42

sir kuch MCQS hien in ka answer nai pata.plz ma pic snd kar hun plz answer tu bata day in ka

Daniyal 18-09-2018 19:39

THANK YOU , stay blessed

M.Ali 29-09-2018 7:38

Sir at 10:30 you said that order of B set is n why it has not order m . THANKS

hammad khalid
Hammad Khalid 07-10-2018 2:59

i am a student

hammad khalid
Hammad Khalid 07-10-2018 3:00

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Saddam Khan
Saddam Khan 12-10-2018 23:14

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Muhammad Arif Ayoub
Muhammad Arif Ayoub 14-10-2018 5:59

Allah pak salalmt rkhy sir ko, every concepts is clear

Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza 27-11-2018 11:13

X=0 and y=0 for point circle and Costheta and sintheta for X and Y respectively in the case of unit circle

Amar Abbas Shah
Amar Abbas Shah 24-12-2018 11:07

superb sir

Muhammad Shahroz
Muhammad Shahroz 14-01-2019 7:33

thank you

Syed Raheel Adeel
Syed Raheel Adeel 31-01-2019 8:08

"Area of triangle when sides given in term of line equation" Area formula is incorrect.

Jamshaid Khalid
Jamshaid Khalid 05-02-2019 3:52

Assalam o Alaikum sir g Very nice lectures and very useful tricks. I am not a student of ECAT but I am student of 1st year. I hear you just for more knowledge. May you live long and happy at every moment of your life. Indeed you are our spiritual father

Jamshaid Khalid
Jamshaid Khalid 05-02-2019 3:54

Sir, main sirf ye puchna chahta hun ke kya sirf bijective ka hi inverse hold krta hai, I am doubtful ke injective functions ka inverse bhi hold krta hai

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